Shame and Religion

The one emotion I experienced most deeply and most frequently while I was devoutly religious? Undoubtedly, it was not the “joy” we are supposed to feel from living a pure life – it was SHAME. Crippling and unending guilt for not doing enough, being enough, striving enough – for my actions, my lack of actions,Continue reading “Shame and Religion”

What Causes PTSD?

PTSD causes: Traumatic events Narcissistic abuse Domestic violence Religious Trauma  High-Conflict relationships  Health Problems Death, Grief & Loss  Domestic violence:  Physical dominance  Financial abuse Stalking  Harassment  Verbal Abuse  Emotional abuse Sexual abuse  Spiritual abuse  Isolation  Narcissistic abuse:  Sociopaths and psychopaths Bait and switch tactics  Covert v overt narcissism  Narcissists vs APD (antsocial personality disorder)  ManipulationContinue reading “What Causes PTSD?”

Signs of Domestic Abuse

If you can answer yes to several of these questions, please GET HELP NOW. ISOLATION or Restricting Freedoms: Tells you that you can not do something  Jealous about who you see  Monitors your time, makes you account for where you were  Does not allow you to leave the house  Makes it difficult for you toContinue reading “Signs of Domestic Abuse”

Weird PTSD Symptoms

The weird and wild ways anxiety can make itself known and how trauma refuses to be ignored There are so many ways that anxiety and PTSD can manifest. Many of them are unexpected and likely seem unrelated to past trauma. Here are some of the ways that PTSD has previously shown up in my personalContinue reading “Weird PTSD Symptoms”

Do Fundamentalist Religions Create Male Narcissists?

The pattern of spousal abuse within fundamentalist religions, and the way narcissistic men can (and do) use patriarchal theology to dominate, undermine, and manipulate their female congregants, wives and/or children deserves further study and discussion. I attended a fundamentalist church as a young mom for 6 years in a small community in rural WA, whereContinue reading “Do Fundamentalist Religions Create Male Narcissists?”

Diary Peek: Fired From Therapy

A Christian therapist said I needed “Cult Deprogramming” – leaving the LDS religion 12/9/2016 – Camano Island, WA: Excerpt from my Diary Monday morning:  I was fired by my therapist. In a manner of speaking, anyway. Here’s what happened – I went in for my appointment, and I took the journal entry I wrote lastContinue reading “Diary Peek: Fired From Therapy”

Diary Peek: Self-Sacrifice Isn’t Love

The Erroneous Concept that Self-Sacrifice is the Highest Form of Love Diary Excerpt 11/9/2016 (Camano Island, WA) I just started an online course that’s supposed to help clear mental blocks (I can certainly feel that I have a few), and it’s been surprisingly enlightening! I just started it on Sunday, and within the first halfContinue reading “Diary Peek: Self-Sacrifice Isn’t Love”

Diary Peek: Why I Left My Faith

Why I Left the Mormon Faith & LDS Church After 36 Years Excerpt from my Diary – April 12, 2015: My “Exit Letter” The truth is, I am a complicated person, despite all appearances. My brain is always busy, always analyzing, always spooling ahead a long list of things that have yet to be done.Continue reading “Diary Peek: Why I Left My Faith”

Diary Peek: It “Feels True”

Existential Trauma and Religious Trauma Syndrome – Why “Feelings” aren’t Truth Except from my diary: May 13, 2016 (Camano Island, WA) When I left Mormonism, for the first several years, it was difficult in so many ways – but it was also exhilarating to throw off the beliefs that never felt right to me, andContinue reading “Diary Peek: It “Feels True””

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